Executive Presence


March 27th, 2020

In this 1 1/2 day seminar you will learn the essential components of how to connect, engage, motivate and lead a team to success. Our graduates are an elite group of entrepreneurs and business executives that become masters of their realms. They apply our innovative approach and systems to attain a greater success in a shorter time frame.  

Why Attend Executive Presence & Engagement

  • Learn the connection between communication and revenue

  • Stop guessing how to handle people and situations 

  • Learn to use data driven communication & leadership techniques

  • Learn how to reduce drama and raise your awareness of the financial cost of drama to your business

  • Learn what executive presence is and how to leverage it to enhance your leadership skills

  • Learn how to reclaim your time, and life, through a unique prioritization system customized to your individual needs, style and life.

  • Learn a simple step by step system for dealing with difficult people

  • Learn how to lead from with-in (Hint -When you're not in charge)

  • Learn the easy way to set hard boundaries with people

  • Learn how to align your steak holders and make your business plan a living document where daily communication, tasks and decisions are a direct reflection of it with minimal supervision.

Leave with a Tangible Plan

  • Executive binder

  • Calendar with prioritization system 

  • Template for goals creation and management

  • Executive meeting templates

  • Executive reporting templates


Heather Bledsoe

CMO, Sales Executive

Experienced Mentor with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry. Skilled in Speech, Special Education, Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, and Public Speaking. Strong professional with a Master's Degree focused in Speech Pathology / Audiology from Baylor University.

Come Learn what the best leaders know about communication- The tool of leadership!